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About People - Shanghai People Electrical Switch Factory Group

Shanghai People Electric Switch Factory Group Co., Ltd. is a set of scientific research, production, sales as one of the high-tech large-scale enterprises, is the domestic high and low voltage electrical appliances, instruments, complete sets of transmission and distribution equipment and other electrical manufacturers。The company's main products are small circuit breaker, plastic case circuit breaker, leakage circuit breaker, frame type circuit breaker, contactor, knife switch, isolation switch, double power automatic switching device, frequency converter, soft start automatic switching device, complete equipment, instruments and other high and low voltage electrical products。

About People - Shanghai People Electrical Switch Factory Group

The predecessor of the group was Shanghai People Switch Factory Co., LTD., which was founded in the 1980s,In June 2011, it was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a non-regional group company,In the past ten years, the industry has developed steadily at an astonishing rate of expansion,The products are widely used in national key projects and large enterprises,Such as the Three Gorges Project, Shanghai World Trade Tower, China Shenhua Xinjiang Project, Xinjiang Construction Corps reclamation project, Shandong Mobile Communication, Hainan reclamation project, Sichuan Wenchuan reconstruction project and so on;The group's products are fully contracted by the People's Insurance Company of China,It is listed as a national "two networks" transformation recommended product,Group company by Sinopec,China National Petroleum Corporation,Ministry of Water Resources and Hydropower of China,Xinjiang power network,Sichuan power grid and other equipment suppliers,Corporate image,creditworthiness,Product technical quality assurance and production capacity have received high praise and unanimous praise from experts and user units。

About People - Shanghai People Electrical Switch Factory Group

At present, Shanghai People Electric Switch Factory Group Co., Ltd. has four production bases in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Xiamen, Fujian and Huzhou, Zhejiang,More than 20 sales companies,More than 300 dealers, the group company has more than 2680 employees,Among them, there are 220 employees with bachelor's degree or above,There are 3 master students,There are 29 professional and technical research personnel,Company plant area 29.60,000 square meters, total assets 18.6亿。It has made good contributions to local fiscal taxation, employment, and stable and healthy social development。The company has won provincial science and technology award, quality award, municipal key high-tech products, AAA credit demonstration enterprise and other honors。The registered trademark of the company is a well-known trademark in China。

Era of economic globalization,Group companies adhere to the "internationalization, science and technology, industrialization" development strategy,Carry out institutional innovation, scientific and technological innovation and management innovation,To achieve the product from the middle and low to the middle and high expansion,The market is expanding from domestic to global,The value chain extends from providing products to providing system solutions,The business has expanded from linear to comprehensive modern business operations, including mergers and acquisitions and capital operations,Strive to make Shanghai People Electrical Switch Factory Group to become a world-class electrical supplier。

About People - Shanghai People Electrical Switch Factory Group

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