Group Shanghai Headquarters:

Headquarters: No. 1230 Gangyan Road, Chongming County, Shanghai
Sales Department: 15th Floor, Kaipeng International Building, 425 Gonghe Xin Road, Shanghai
电话:021-56327075 / 56986709
传真:021-56327030 / 31262852

Zhejiang Ministry of Commerce:

Address: No. 888, Station Road, Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province
Official website:

Our core strength

Whether you are looking for technical support, product inquiries, engineering modifications, project bidding, or personal customized services, we have the appropriate service interface。Want to know more information, get new product information, be sure to contact us, we will provide one-to-one tracking service!We sincerely look forward to your joining us for a better tomorrow。

Technical support

Assist in product selection, installation and implementation。

Offer support

Provide quick phone quotes, fax quotes

Project bidding

Assist in project and tender preparation。

After-sales service

One year three guarantees service, strength after-sales guarantee

Online communication

Support multiple platforms: QQ, wechat, mail

Door-to-door negotiation

Field survey and business negotiation